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WCYFL  was started in 1995 to offer the children of Lawndale, Logan Square, Garfield, Austin, and Galewood communities, with a recreation program as an alternative to gangs. We found that through instruction and development of sportsmanship utilizing the fundamentals of football and cheerleading we could successfully give kids options other than the street. By using football and cheer as tools for success, we found that we were able to assist in the development of character, instill discipline, and promote leadership qualities in our children.

Education is a major part of society, and a cornerstone of program. We promote and acknowledge academic success. It is understood that the people whom our children come in contact with every day of their lives, are the ones who will mold and leave the deepest impressions. Our commitment to this program and our children goes far beyond football and cheerleading.


We are staffed by volunteers consisting of mothers, fathers, and people from the communities. One of WCYFL goals is to operate separately from any municipal governmental body. The other is to build an organization that will continue to exist and thrive well into the future.


WCYFL has yet to turn a child away because they can’t afford to pay the registration fee. We provide various fundraising outlets which can be applied to their fees and equipment needs.


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